Is BioSuperGrowth™ a foliar spray?
SuperGrowth™ is not restricted to foliar application alone as it can also be sprayed on the stems, trunks and on the soil.
Can BioSuperGrowth™ be used Aerophonics and Hydrophonics agriculture?
Yes, BioSuperGrowth™ can be used in Aerophonics and Hydrophonics agriculture. The method merely varies the manner in which the nutrients are fed to the plants.
Should I use BioSuperGrowth™ as an add-on to the current fertilizer that I am using?
No, BioSuperGrowth™ is a stand-alone primary fertilizer and by adding-on at the same time to another fertilizer may not provide favorable results.
Can I use BioSuperGrowth™ and the current fertilizes that I am using on a rotational basis?
Yes, you can however BioSuperGrowth™ aids in improving the soil condition by neutralizing the high acidic level from previous use of traditional fertilizers and stabilizing the pH level for sustainable agriculture.
What kind of soil does it work on best?
BioSuperGrowth™ is essentially a formula that works on most soils, as it creates an environment conducive for beneficial soil microbes by acting as a catalyst in boosting and establishing a high CFU (colony forming units) count of this beneficial micro-organisms. This in turn will make the soil better and healthier providing a sustainable soil environment that contributes to higher crop yields.
Does BioSuperGrowth™ show a difference in effectiveness with different soil?
The level of effectiveness does not differ with the various soil, however the time it gets to achieve the same results might differ. This is due to the fact that different soil has different conditions and fertility levels. The effectiveness here would still be yield increase and the general health of the crop.
Is it important to pay strict attention to the recommended dilution ratios?
Yes it is because too much of it may cause an overdose while insufficient may cause the crops to be malnourished.
In the event of an overdose, what are the steps to take?
In the event of overdose, the crops greenery turns a little yellow. All that is needed is to immediately stop fertilizing the crops for about 2-3 weeks, just keep watering daily and it will not only get better but it will improve from its original stage.

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