BioSuperGrowth™ is a technology breakthrough natural complete plant nutrient in liquid concentrated form that can be applied to all agricultural produce.

BioSuperGrowth™, when diluted and applied according to specifications produces significant increase in crop yields. Since BioSuperGrowth™ cost is lower than most traditional fertilizer, the increase in crop yields translate to huge increase in profitability for farmers and plantation owners.

Another important point to highlight is that our liquid fertilizer is bio-degradable, non-manure and eco-friendly. We have had the product tested and verified as non-hazardous and non-toxic substance by MyTest LAB in Malaysia.

Whereas pure chemical fertilizer depletes the nutrients and damages the soil, continued use of BioSuperGrowth™ actually makes the soil healthier and more fertile and thus, producing increasingly better yields over time.

We are a Malaysian based company producing and marketing an eco-friendly complete nutrient liquid food for all types of agricultural crops. Our latest breakthrough proprietary owned bio-product is economical, non-hazardous, eco-friendly and towards a profitable and sustainable agriculture.
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