• Eco-friendly, odorless, non-hazardous and non-toxic.

  • Suitable for all vegetables, fruits, grains, trees and all other types of crop with a significant increase in crops yield when used consistently.

  • Stimulate seed germination, increase microbial activity around the root system significantly improves root mass, plant health, growth rate and productivity.

  • Produces greener and healthier crops by correcting nutrient deficiencies and builds resistance against pest and plant diseases.

  • Increases the size and mass, sweetness, fruity flavor, crunchiness and juiciness of fruit crops.

  • Initiates and accelerates the natural decomposition of crop residue turning it into humus which contributes to moisture and nutrient retention.

  • Provides a conducive environment for soil microorganism populations of which in term increases the uptake of nutrients from soil to plants.

  • Aids in replenishing and maintaining long-term soil fertility by providing optimal conditions for soil biological activity.

  • Improves soil condition by neutralizing the high acidic level from previous use of traditional fertilizers and stabilizing the pH level.

  • Improves the tilth, textures and water retention of the soil. Thus, withstanding extreme weather conditions.

  • Effective application as 100% absorbs by the leaves, stem, soil and roots almost immediately after application.

  • Economical and cost effective in terms of pricing, warehousing and total logistics requirements.

We are a Malaysian based company producing and marketing an eco-friendly complete nutrient liquid food for all types of agricultural crops. Our latest breakthrough proprietary owned bio-product is economical, non-hazardous, eco-friendly and towards a profitable and sustainable agriculture.
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