Biogreen Formation Company Limited, a registered company in Hong Kong holds the intellectual property rights and manufacturing processes of BioSuperGrowth™. With years of continuous research and development, BioSuperGrowth™ is the latest and most effective natural liquid plant nutrient to be produced till date.

Over the years, the company has associated itself with different brands of liquid fertilizer due to the indigenous preference in the specific local market throughout the world.

Some of these brands are as follows:


Senator Charles has been a farmer for more than 50 years and also, a soil consultant for the West Coast in the United States of America. He holds a Masters degree from University of California, Davis in Agribusiness Management.

We are a Malaysian based company producing and marketing an eco-friendly complete nutrient liquid food for all types of agricultural crops. Our latest breakthrough proprietary owned bio-product is economical, non-hazardous, eco-friendly and towards a profitable and sustainable agriculture.
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